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The Rolling Stone article (spoiler alert)

Much to my surprise, the esteemed Rolling Stone music magazine has published an article by noted Canadian researcher Randy Boswell which crosses over with a small part of my book and reveals the identities of three key characters within my work.

Boswell's report does give a tantalising taste of the much more detailed and richer flavour of "Walk A Lonely Street", which goes into far greater depth regarding these characters and dozens of other important figures who feature within the tale.

Even though I had already uncovered this remarkable story four years ago during my early research, credit must certainly be given to Randy Boswell for being the first to publicly reveal the names of the major players.

For those who can't wait a moment longer then feel free to follow the link below to Boswell's well-crafted article.

I am delighted to report, however, that the 500+ page epic that is soon to come will reveal much, much more about this remarkable and historic adventure.

There is still very much a tale to be told ...

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