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Review by Trevor O'Sullivan, December 2020,

host of Elvis Presley: His Truth is Marching On 

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As well as being a passionate fan of Elvis, I’ve found myself become, through my Facebook group chat, constantly debunking fake Elvis history. I am passionate about fans of the future being left a legacy of truth. The Elvis story doesn’t need embellishment as it’s a fascinating rags to riches tale. 


With so many books being written on Elvis it seems the well had run dry. That was until a writer by the name of Tony Plews took research and a search for facts and not myth to the utmost degree.


His book on the origins of "Heartbreak Hotel", Walk A Lonely Street,  is a revelatory tome on the history of Elvis and rock and roll music. It’s a tour de force bringing the reader back in time. He does this in a very clever way through short tales which all mesh together to reveal the bigger picture.


In a world where Elvis image often usurps his music and history this book is refreshing change of pace. History can sometimes be daunting to read, but I can assure you that this reads like a short sharp series of mystery and thrillers.


You’ll never listen to "Heartbreak Hotel" the same way again.

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