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Solving the last great mystery of rock 'n' roll



Heartbreak Hotel was the electrifying record that launched the career of the world’s most popular entertainer, Elvis Presley, and helped establish rock ‘n’ roll as a genuine musical force.

Recorded and released in January 1956 as the singer turned twenty-one and was breaking out of the claustrophobic country music scene, the song quickly became a worldwide hit and awakened an entire generation, launching the modern cultural era.

For sixty years a legend flourished around Presley’s hit record: the saga of how and why it was written became the most famous story-behind-the-song in music history. But the fabled scenario of an anonymous suicide victim and his enigmatic note —“I walk a lonely street”— posed more questions than it answered.

Walk A Lonely Street is the book that solves the last great mystery of rock ‘n’ roll, and tells the full story of the man whose death inspired Elvis Presley’s first hit record.

It is a story that spans over one hundred years and involves scores of singers and their songs, uncovering the truth, placing events in context, and revealing the astonishing depth of Presley’s artistic vision and achievements.

There is a tale to be told …

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