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The Bob Luman connection

Elvis Presley was not the only Southern white boy playing with the blues in the mid-1950s.

In Texas, for example, Bob Luman knew there was more to music than c&w songs, however good and powerful they may be. But it was only when he actually saw Elvis perform in the summer of 1955 that the pieces fell into place. From that moment on, Luman joined the movement and never looked back.

His early career reports are frustratingly vague with regard to dates, but he does have a surprising connection to the story of "Heartbreak Hotel", and, as part of the book's quest for the truth, his story is presented in a newly-researched and more-detailed fashion.

Luman is pictured here with his short-lived band, The Four Diamonds, which may have been named for his love of baseball. As a commercial artist, Luman rarely hit a home-run, but his best work remains hugely enjoyable, even today.

What's his connection to "Heartbreak Hotel"? The tale will be told.

[Picture souce and copyright unknown, possibly owned by The Louisianna Hayride.]

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